Bull Ring

Hundred-year-old bull ring inaugurated in 1910.

Built in masonry stone, it has six large enclosures, four pens with raised walkways, a stable, a horse courtyard, three access doors, an infirmary, a chapel, ten stands and a box for the authorities.

It can accommodate 3700 people and its dimensions are 55.6 m at the outer diameter with a 40 m diameter arena and an alley of 1.20 m.

Other places in the area

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Monsalud Monastery

One of the clearest and most beautiful examples of the presence of the Cistercian order in the Iberian Peninsula.

Roman Bridge

Built in 1461, it crosses the Tagus River and connects the municipal districts of Auñón and Sacedón.

La Isabela Settlement

Ruins of an old spa, which then became a psychiatric hospital. These ruins were submerged, but are now above water again.

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