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Sacedón is located in the heart of the area called Alcarria, a veritable oasis between the Entrepeñas and the Buendía reservoirs. However, Sacedón is much more than just water. It is a landscape of exceptional beauty, with routes to be discovered through its mountains, with hidden shrines and thousand-year-old monasteries.

Sacedón is pure adventure.

Why Sacedón?

Right on your doorstep

Half an hour from Guadalajara.

And just one hour from Madrid.

Climbing, hiking and cycling routes and water sports

You can swim, fish, sail, go yachting, kayak, sunbathe, wakeboard, windsurf and ski in the Entrepeñas Reservoir.

Free Wi-Fi

Sacedón has inaugurated 10 free Wi-Fi access points for residents and visitors.

Practical information

How to pay the toll for the «Boca del Inferno» (Gates of Hell) Via ferrata route

Our location

Useful telephone numbers

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What to see

Main historical attractions

Monsalud Monastery

One of the clearest and most beautiful examples of the presence of the Cistercian order in the Iberian Peninsula.

Roman Bridge

Built in 1461, it crosses the Tagus River and connects the municipal districts of Auñón and Sacedón.

La Isabela Settlement

Ruins of an old spa, which then became a psychiatric hospital. These ruins were submerged, but are now above water again.

Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

An enclave of devotional and historical value.
And an extraordinary scenic viewpoint of the Tagus Valley.

Our Lady of The Assumption Parish Church

Majestic and large parish church whose construction began around 1550.

Shrine of The Holy Face of God

Located in the centre of the village, it is a small church of 222 square metres built in the Renaissance style.

What to do

Activities to suit all tastes

Vía ferrata “Boca del infierno” (Gates of Hell)

A vertical itinerary fitted with climbing features to provide access to difficult areas.

Hiking trails

Excursions for all levels of difficulty.

Bicycle routes

MTB routes through the countryside.

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