Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church

Majestic and large parish church whose construction began around 1550.

Architectural style

Majestic and large parish church whose construction began around 1550. It is one of a major group of churches called hall churches. Although they are part of the late Gothic tradition, they are built with details and concepts that are fully Renaissance. It is formed by three naves separated by semi-circular diminished arches, which rest on Tuscan columns from which ribbed vaults with tiercerons rise up, with a length of 36m and width of 18m, and a surface area of 650 m2

The choir that is housed inside the Tower constitutes one of the most important works of 16th century Castilian architecture, and is built over an elegant arch. The portal is of later construction than the rest of the church. It is built in a purist style and faces south, and is under an Arch formed by pilasters nestled between two buttresses. The bell tower is made of square ashlars and consists of three sections separated by mouldings, the two lower sections are undecorated, while the third section, where the bells are housed, has semi-circular arches separated by pilasters.

Other places in the area

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