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Description of the route

This route connects up different stretches already covered on the other routes. You will take different paths through olive groves and vineyards that lead you to the Buendia reservoir where you can visit the submerged village of “La Isabela”. From here you can continue to the municipality of Córcoles where you can fill up your water bottles in the different fountains on the pediment. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Monsalud Monastery. The longest uphill stretch of the route begins here and takes you up to the crest of the mountain range where you will be rewarded with the downhill Cartero path. This path is great fun and rather technical. It leads back to the municipality of Sacedón, but first runs close to the Entrepeñas reservoir again.

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Description of the route

Marked route

Distance, duration and grade

Distance: 27,13 km

Estimated time: 2,5 hours

Route type: circular

Grade of ascent: 493 metres

Grade of descent: 493 metres


Overall Difficulty: RED

Physical difficulty: medium/high

Technical difficulty: medium

Recommended bicycle: XC (Cross Country)

Type of terrain

  • Track 80% 80%
  • Path 20% 20%
  • Road 0% 0%

Links of interest

Other places in the area

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Monsalud Monastery

One of the clearest and most beautiful examples of the presence of the Cistercian order in the Iberian Peninsula.

Roman Bridge

Built in 1461, it crosses the Tagus River and connects the municipal districts of Auñón and Sacedón.

La Isabela Settlement

Ruins of an old spa, which then became a psychiatric hospital. These ruins were submerged, but are now above water again.

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