110-metre promenade with views over the Entrepeñas Reservoir.


It is located to the north with views of the Entrepeñas Reservoir. It was built in the early seventies on the instructions of the Mayor of the time, Guillermo Sánchez Esteban, in order to asphalt and beautify the surroundings of the Entrepeñas reservoir.

The promenade and its surroundings

Access is by the Paseo de la Marina Española, at the end of which we can see a sculpture of an Anchor, which has also been given the name of the Paseo Marítimo de la Marina Española. At this point if we turn right we reach a children’s area, and if we turn left we can get to the most beautiful area of promenade, as there is a viewpoint over the Entrepeñas Reservoir. There is also a beautiful gazebo with benches, made from stone that recovered from one of the two main springs of “La Isabela”.

If we come back by the same route, and on the right hand side, we will be able to access the area of the Fuente del Estanque (Fountain of the Pond) by crossing a wooden bridge.

Activities during local festivals

During the local Festival the promenade is decked with booths for local clubs, the fair, kiosks and from here you can enjoy the end of festival firework display. And there is also the Festival of Light, Fire and Water (spring festival).

Surface measurements

  • Breakwater: 60 metres long and 10 metres wide.
  • Promenade: 110 metres long.
  • Current Promenade: 44 metres long and 82 metres wide.


It was built in 2003, along with the Guadalajara road, by a company belonging to the provincial administration. It can be identified with a monolith that has an inscription that reads “Ministry of Development”.

Other places in the area

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La Isabela Settlement

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