“Boca del Infierno” (Gates of Hell) hiking trail

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Description of the route

Tour of the surroundings closest to the village. After walking through the streets of the village, passing by the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Shrine of the Holy Face of God, the route ascends for just over 1 kilometre until you reach the detour leading to the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The monument is located on the Coronilla hill with spectacular views of the Entrepeñas Reservoir. The 23m high monument was built in cooperation with the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation and opened in 1956.

From the monument, there is a footpath down to the old N-320 road. Stay on the road for 200m until you can leave the road to access the viewpoint over the Entrepeñas Reservoir. The route now becomes a footpath and leads to the Boca del Infierno from where you go down a steep escarpment and then use the roads of a half-built housing development. Once you reach the houses closest to the reservoir, the route runs through several parks before arriving back at the starting point.

Things to see along the way

Download the route

You can follow the route using your phone’s GPS. You will need a special application to open the GPX file.

Description of the route

Distance, duration and grade

Horizontal distance: 5,5 km

Estimated time: 1 hour and 35 minutes

Route type: circular

Grade of ascent: 210 metres

Grade of descent: 210 metres

Difficulty *

Severity of the natural environment:
There is more than one risk factor. (MIDE Score: 2)
Footpath signposting:
Tracks or signs indicating where the route continues. (MIDE Score: 2)
Walking difficulty:
Bridle path route. (MIDE Score: 2)
Amount of effort required:
Between 1 h and 3 h of actual walking. (MIDE Score: 2)

* CYear-round conditions, times estimated according to MIDE criteria, without stopping to rest. Calculated using data from 2021.

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Other places in the area

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Monsalud Monastery

One of the clearest and most beautiful examples of the presence of the Cistercian order in the Iberian Peninsula.

Roman Bridge

Built in 1461, it crosses the Tagus River and connects the municipal districts of Auñón and Sacedón.

La Isabela Settlement

Ruins of an old spa, which then became a psychiatric hospital. These ruins were submerged, but are now above water again.

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